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White Hot Melt Adhesive Powder 2.2 lb

South Mid Supply's Hot Melt Powder Collection for Direct-to-Film Printing – Achieve Superior Adhesion and Glossy Finishes with Ease.

Unlock the next level of direct-to-film printing precision with our Medium Stretchy Hot Melt Powder. Specifically formulated to elevate your DTF prints, this unique powder offers a perfect balance of stretchability and glossy finishes, delivering professional results that stand out.

Key Features:

**1. Medium Texture:** South Mid Supply's Hot Melt Powder in Medium consistency strikes the perfect balance between fine and coarse, providing an ideal texture for various DTF printing applications. Experience smooth application and enhanced adhesion without compromising on flexibility.

**2. Stretchy Formula:** Elevate your prints with superior stretchability. Our Hot Melt Powder is designed to enhance the flexibility of your DTF prints, ensuring they conform seamlessly to the contours of the substrate, whether it's fabric, paper, or other materials.

**3. Glossy Finish:** Experience a glossy sheen that enhances the vibrancy of your prints. Our Hot Melt Powder cures to a glossy finish, adding a professional touch to your designs and ensuring they capture attention with a brilliant shine.

**4. Convenient Packaging:** Each order consists of 2.2 pounds (1 kg) of Hot Melt Powder, providing you with a substantial supply for your printing needs. South Mid Supply ensures that our packaging is convenient, allowing for easy application and storage.

**5. Higher Melting Temperature:** Our Medium Stretchy Hot Melt Powder melts at a higher temperature, ensuring optimal performance during the curing process. This higher melting point contributes to enhanced adhesion and durability, making it suitable for a wide range of printing applications.

**6. Transfer Adhesive Application:** Designed to be applied to DTF prints post-printing, our Hot Melt Powder acts as a transfer adhesive, ensuring that your designs adhere securely to the chosen substrate. Achieve consistent, reliable adhesion with every application.

Enhance the quality of your direct-to-film prints with South Mid Supply's Medium Stretchy Hot Melt Powder. Whether you're working on fabric, paper, or other materials, this unique formulation ensures a perfect balance between stretchability and a glossy finish, providing you with the versatility needed to bring your creative visions to life. Elevate your DTF printing experience with the Medium Stretchy Hot Melt Powder from South Mid Supply.

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