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SouthMidSupply CMYK DTF Ink - 1 liter (MAGENTA)

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Our new DTF Inks are of the highest quality specifically formulated for Epson printheads.

Southmidsupply inks is it better than other DTF inks?

- Fewer nozzle drop outs

- Less nozzle deflection
- Less banding especially in designs with large areas of solid color.


Waterbased DTF inks for Epson based printers and printheads.

Need to be printed on the DTF Film for transfers.

Packaged in 1,000ml bottles.

Compatible with Epson printheads.

CMYK inks are good for 12 months from manufacture date.

SouthMidSupply CMYK DTF Ink - 1 liter (MAGENTA)
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